Chasing Fairy Tales
Beginning the journey.

So hi there, yes you, not you the person behind you…fine…hello everyone. My names Robert, I’m a lot of things if you knew me in person and probably quite a few things if you don’t. I’m 19, I live in Florida, grew up in North Carolina, starting college next week (Thank God and oh my God right?). I love God more then words could ever hope to form and make sense of, and I can say from experience that I fail miserably as his son and follower. I have a lot of brothers and sisters, I was homeschooled, I’m quirky, I can’t hold in my nerdy/geeky/quirky tendency’s or I’d explode. And most of all I’m me, I’m not the product of my culture, my peers or my upbringing, I’m the product of a God who made me unique and Awesome, Parents who gave me the wonderful gift of choice, and what I make of myself not what others make me into. I get the idea that culture, peers and your upbringing have heavy influences on who you are, but I can say that they were influences not what made me me, not what I choose to be or become. Anyway, moving past all that mumbo jumbo and myself to a more important topic, my motive. I miss writing and putting my ideas on paper and just letting it all out in a waterfall of gushing unimpeded words, ideas and thoughts. So I joined Tumblr, and thought maybe people could help me get back to that. So this is my first post, obviously it’s a bit…what’s the word…scattered? oh well if you think of a good one to describe it let me know. But yeah, I really hope I can keep this up, it feels amazing to write again and do this so I salute you fellow Tumblers! I have church in about 45 minutes, and I’m writing this from my bed in my night clothes (oh yeah, Harry Potter shirt and christmas night pants for the win). So obviously I need to get ready and head out but it’s been fun, see you ladies and Gents laters.